2014 THINC!



Thank you for making THINC! 2014 a great success!

Click here for a recap of the event, including the official press release detailing the Insight Innovation Award winners and finalists.


THINC! is designed to kick-start innovation in the New North. Hosted by Insight Publications, we aim to light a spark for disruptive ideas and embrace a culture for those who dare to take risks. Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or “intrapreneur” at your company, a guru or protégé of innovation, the THINC! is sure to tweak your train of thought.

Efrem_sponsorOur 2014 THINC! keynote speaker is Efrem Z. Stringfellow, Microsoft vice president for the U.S. Central Region. In a recent interview with Insight co-Publisher and
Executive Editor Margaret LeBrun, Stringfellow discussed some themes he’ll exploreat THINC! on May 20th…”At a very high level, (I’ll talk about) Microsoft as an innovator
and encourage people to become innovators within their own businesses, creating a climate of listening that will aid their innovation and ensure that they are building a team culture within their organizations to take that listening and do something with it. That’s how we approach our business.”

To read the entire article click here.

The 2014 Insight Innovation Awards will be presented immediately following the keynote by Efrem Stringfellow. The awards will give recognition to innovation champions
throughout the New North, affirming how disruptive ideas are challenging the status quo all over the region – and why we must embrace innovation to build our economy.