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Shakespeare famously asked, “What’s in a name?” For businesses and organizations, it can mean a lot. The right name can help draw business while the wrong name creates puzzlement among customers who may decide to go elsewhere. That disconnect is not the case with Apricity, this month’s cover story. Apricity, which means a stronghold of light in winter’s darkness, is the perfect fit for the organization that provides a complete ecosystem of care for those in recovery, from residential treatment to job training skills gained at its packaging facility.

Apricity is a one-of-a-kind organization — there’s no other nonprofit like it in the country that provides the whole circle of care and assistance to those living in recovery. Beyond providing care, the organization is expanding its reach by offering training to businesses so they can become recovery-friendly. In Wisconsin, where alcohol is embedded into the culture, that’s a vital quality to have. Turn to page 22 to read more about Apricity and the change it’s making in its clients’ lives and vital services it provides to businesses.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how and where we work, which is leading to increased stress and anxiety. Those feelings are finding their way into the workplace, meaning it’s not something employers can ignore. In Jessica Thiel’s Health and Wellness feature starting on page 32, she talks with experts about what businesses and organizations can do to make sure their employees are staying well.

The pandemic has put millions out of work across the country, but gener8tor Upskilling, a program developed in Northeast Wisconsin, is training underemployed and unemployed workers for high-demand digital jobs. The five-week program leverages Microsoft’s skilling initiative and gener8tor’s accelerator process to teach a variety of skills with the support of New North, Inc., American Family Insurance and Thrivent. Turn to page 14 to learn more about the initiative and how it’s already spreading to other parts of the country.

This month, we are debuting a new feature — News & Noteworthy — on page 11. On this page of quick hits and news updates, we will always include Get to Know, a short profile to introduce you to someone you should know in the New North. Please let me know what you think of the new page and if you have any Get to Know suggestions.

While no one expected everything that 2020 brought, let’s hope for a brighter 2021. Happy New Year! 

An extra dose of Insight

Watch Apricity CEO Michelle Devine Giese discuss the importance of teaching clients the soft skills they’ll need in finding a job.

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