There’s something transformative about music. Think about hearing a song you haven’t heard in years and suddenly you remember all the words or how a piece of music triggers a memory. Discovering music — and having her teachers’ encouragement in high school — was transformative for Maria Van Laanen, the president of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton. Growing up in poverty, music fueled a career that eventually led her to running the PAC, which has made a name for itself landing 38 Wisconsin “firsts” for traveling Broadway shows, including “Hamilton,” which opens Oct. 1.

“Hamilton” is not your ordinary Broadway show. It’s also a cultural phenomenon that attracts a broader audience than most musicals. The show will bring millions of dollars to the Fox Cities as people not only travel here to see the show but also eat, shop and maybe spend the night. Hosting hit shows is only part of the PAC’s success as it seeks to expand its opportunities and makes sure the theater’s doors are open to everyone. Check out Jessica Thiel’s intriguing cover story on the PAC starting on page 26 to learn more about Van Laanen and how the PAC continues to land top-tier shows. Be warned: You may hear the “Hamilton” soundtrack in your head when reading the article.

Who hasn’t dreaded a Monday morning and the trudge into work? But what happens when it feels like a Monday morning every day and getting through your to-do list is nearly impossible, whether it’s due to lack of enthusiasm or the day’s unmanageable length? You may have burnout. With today’s workforce shortage, it’s not unusual for everyone to be taking on more work. Read Jessica’s Insight Insider on worker burnout starting on page 33 to learn what you can do to avoid burnout and what leaders can do to prevent their employees from experiencing it.

If you’ve driven anywhere near Lambeau Field, you’ve likely seen TitletownTech. A combined project of the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech is an innovation center focused on developing and advancing scalable, technology-driven ventures. In this month’s Personalities feature starting on page 14, I talked with Managing Director Craig Dickman, who founded Breakthrough, about TitletownTech’s mission and why innovation and technology are vital to the region.

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Listen to Fox Cities PAC President Maria Van Laanen discuss how the center has landed 38 and counting first-in-Wisconsin Broadway premieres.

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