Paul David and Amanda Weber have met their match — not only with each other, but also with their business. The husband and wife team are co-owners of Arrosto Delicatessen, which opened in Sheboygan earlier this year.

Following a New York Italian deli model, Arrosto Delicatessen specializes in pressed sandwiches on house-made bread.

“Everything we can possibly make on the premises, we make here,” Weber says.

From the majority of their meats (with the exception of anything cured) to giardiniera to condiments like herb mayo and pesto, they pride themselves on their homemade ingredients.

The inspiration for the business is rooted in the couple’s time in New York, where they were co-workers who had the same lunch break. Together, they’d grab lunch at a variety of restaurants, including a deli. “We both really fell in love with it, as well

as with each other,” Weber says.

With Weber’s education from the Culinary Institute of America and David’s passion for entrepreneurism, the two knew they wanted to start a business. But it didn’t seem feasible in New York. They moved back to Weber’s hometown of Sheboygan and opened the restaurant. David works full-time in the business, while Weber maintains her role as a culinary instructor at Lakeshore Technical College.

Opening during a pandemic brought some unique challenges with it, but they choose to see the silver lining. “I like to think we timed it right,” David says. “Everybody was cooped up for a couple of months, so they were ready to get out and try something new.”

“It’s been incredible,” Weber says of their opening, despite the unusual timing. “We’ve had such a huge response from the community.”

Weber and David are excited to add more offerings to their menu while continuing to offer a reliable living for their mix of 10 part-time and full-time employees. “We have a very firm belief in paying people what they are worth,” Weber says. “For our starting positions, whether you have experience or not, you get paid $15 per hour.”

While their staff does accept cash tips, the deli doesn’t have a tip jar or a tip line on its credit card receipts. “Nobody should count on a stranger’s generosity to be able to pay their bills,” Weber says.