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The next time you’re watching a basketball game in the region, spend a moment or two looking at the floor. There’s a good chance Baseman Floors just north of Appleton played a role in making it look so good.

Founded in 1926 by Richard Baseman Sr., who invented the riding gym floor sander, the company is well known for its commercial hardwood floor installation and refinishing. 

“Our facility is one of the few in the country designed and constructed to renovate, sand, strip and finish portable floors,” says Joel Baseman, the great-grandson of Richard Baseman Sr. “In our facility, we can control the humidity and temperature, creating ideal conditions for refinishing.”

When refinishing the floors, Baseman’s employees work with 4-by-8-foot sections that clip together. Once the entire floor is finished, it’s taken apart and placed on special drying racks to keep them in the best condition possible for shipment and installation.

The floor is then packed up and placed on a semitruck and sent to the arena where the facility’s employees reassemble the floor. “They have experience putting the floors together, while we take care of the refinishing offsite, which keeps their site free of any dust,” Baseman says.

The company also uses a computer-controlled graphics plotter. “Logos can be a challenge since you have colors touching each other … and they often have specific colors that need to be matched,” Baseman says. 

In addition to refinishing portable floors in its two buildings — each is large enough to hold a complete basketball court — Baseman goes onsite to install and refinish basketball courts. It’s done so for several high schools in the area and across Wisconsin and has worked on some NBA and college courts as well.     MaryBeth Matzek