0006 0320 IOB Editor

The degree to which our world has changed in the past six weeks has been mind-boggling. Just as we prepared to send the April issue to press, the closures and cancellations began. We were able to include one article on how COVID-19 was changing the way we worked and lived in that issue, but as I looked ahead to the May issue, I realized we needed to hold our original cover story and switch gears on other articles. There was only one topic people were talking about: COVID-19.

The pandemic has caused businesses to close suddenly or figure out new ways to operate that meet the Safer at Home order. Millions across the country have seen their jobs disappear overnight. With that backdrop, creating a special issue of Insight focused on COVID-19 was a natural fit. The change begins on the cover where for more than 12 years, the face of a regional business leader has appeared. Insight’s creative team of Jeff Amstutz and Michael Miller of A2Z Design and photographer Shane Van Boxtel of Image Studios created an image capturing the moment we’re living in. For the cover story starting on page 22, Associate Editor Jessica Thiel and I worked together to talk to as many people as we could about how the pandemic has affected their businesses as well as economists who provided analysis about what’s happened to the economy and what a possible way forward looks like.

You’ll find several other COVID-19 related articles in this issue, which are all marked with a special icon. For example, Reader Recommended looks at tools and practices people are using to work from home successfully. The New North feature looks at the impact the pandemic is having on nonprofits, while Power Lunch adjusts to fit the reality that restaurants can now only provide takeout and delivery.

With this month’s issue, I want to draw your attention to another change. We have taken the content from our quarterly publication, Insight on Technology, and added it to the regular pages of Insight as a special section. By bringing this content to all Insight readers, we hope to reach a broader audience and provide them with articles and information about all the ways technology is changing businesses, education and our lives. For most of us, that message has really hit home the past six weeks as we have attended virtual meetings and worked from different corners of our homes. The special Insight on Technology section begins after page 32.

If you have any comments about this special issue or the addition of the Insight on Technology content to our regular pages, please reach out to me at mmatzek@insightonbusiness.com.