FiberNet Door County (200 x 500 px)
STURGEON BAY — Broadband service in the Door Peninsula may be getting a boost following the results of a comprehensive study on the overall quality of broadband service in the region.
The broadband infrastructure engineering assessment was conducted over six months by consultants Finley Engineering and CCG Consulting in collaboration with the Door County Economic Development Corporation’s broadband steering committee. 
The 215-page report includes evaluation of the current broadband structure, quality, reliability and an assessment of the feasibility and cost to bring a high-speed fiber network to the entire county. 
“The issue of broadband quality and accessibility has long been an issue in Door County," said Steve Jenkins, DCEDC Executive Director and project leader. "The business community and residents have clearly indicated that it is a priority for DCEDC to address and the Broadband Infrastructure Engineering Assessment was the first step in moving forward to a solution.”
The report shows that the overall quality of broadband service currently available in Door County falls below the Federal Communications Commission's definition of broadband (25 Mbps upload/3 Mbps download speeds), with the exception of one ISP (internet service provider) currently serving the peninsula.
The results of the study also solidified the fact that the pandemic highlighted an upload broadband crisis — trouble connecting to school, working from home, maintaining video call connection, and working with cloud software.
Additionally, the consultants for the projects received feedback that for all ISPs serving the county, the networks bog down during the tourist season — often to the point of being unusable.

The highlights of a survey of 1,011 respondents indicated that 17% of homes in Door County have no reasonable broadband option, 76% of respondents indicated that they want better reliability, 81% support building a fiber network, 87% want faster speeds, and 83% want more competition and choice in broadband service providers. 

The results also included a detailed list of recommendations outlining next steps and key recommendations in the effort to bring a connected fiber network to Door County. A summary of the report can be viewed here.