APPLETON—Valley Packaging Industries, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides a variety of community programs and services, as well as packaging services to private industry, has changed their name to VPI, Inc.

The name reflects extensive external feedback that the name Valley Packaging Industries, Inc. has been confusing to the community as it is not reflective of all that VPI does. 

The name Valley Packaging Industries, Inc. doesn't encompass the 20-plus essential community programs and services that support the changing needs of community members with disabilities or disadvantages, the company said. 

VPI logo (valley packaging)

VPI’s mission is to promote the dignity and worth of individuals who have disabilities or are disadvantaged and to assist them in developing their optimum level of social, vocational, and economic independence in the community. VPI was featured as Insight's Cover Story in January.

“There is really no change to our overall business model or mission with the move to VPI, Inc.” said Tim Riebau, VPI, Inc. President & CEO. “It is simple name change that is more reflective and consistent with the many things we do in the community beyond packaging.”

VPI, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization provides a variety of community programs and services – including education, early intervention, employment, mental health, and social and recreational services – and packaging solutions to the Fox Cities and surrounding areas. Learn more at