The business grows. Paid employees are hired and eventually, the owners begin to pay themselves, too. If it makes it past the proverbial third or seventh year, perhaps the business blossoms. Then one day, a landmark anniversary arrives … and it’s time to celebrate!

At Insight Publications, we want to help you celebrate this sense of accomplishment and gratification in our special Anniversary issue. The New North is home to many successful, long-lasting businesses that have been around for decades, if not a century or more. By sharing them all in one issue, it provides us all a chance to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished.

While Insight writers have featured some companies and their anniversaries in our magazine, everything in this special Anniversary issue is told in the words of the companies themselves, as sponsored content.  You provide us with the content and have the chance to approve the finished product.

Consider it a snapshot representing just a few tales of entrepreneurship success in the New North. Kick back, pop a cork — and enjoy!

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Here's a list of businesses in this year's issue:

G.D. Roberts Manufacturing celebrates 150 years

BLC Community Bank celebrates 115 years

Bassett Mechanical celebrates 85 years

Immel Construction celebrates 60 years

Pfefferle Companies celebrates 50 years

Eagle Performance Plastics celebrates 50 years

Arrow AV Group celebrates 35 years

Midwest Carriers celebrates 35 years

Bayland Buildings celebrates 30 years

Wolf River Community Bank celebrates 25 years

Cornerstone Business Services celebrates 20 years

Children’s Wisconsin celebrates 20 years

NEW Manufacturing Alliance celebrates 15 years

Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts celebrates 20 years

BConnected celebrates 10 years