At Image Studios, we know how dynamic digital content affects brand image and perception, which is why we are in business today. When the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine began, we realized quickly how important video content really is to our customers. As our world has become immersed in Facebook Live, Zoom calls and video conferences, video and visual communications are what have allowed our customers to continue meeting and marketing their products and services.  

In March 2020, we quickly asked our customers how we could help them continue with their events and marketing plans. Businesses were shutting down and charitable events were canceled, so we knew we needed to take bold steps to help our clients. Almost overnight, we received dozens of calls from clients and business partners asking for help to create a virtual program for their events and assist with livestreams. Although we had experience with these platforms, most of our clients were novices and needed professional guidance. With help from our team, livestreaming quickly emerged as one of the most effective and authentic ways to reach an audience that was isolated and fragmented by the pandemic. 

Our first livestreaming production was for a local fundraiser that moved an in-person event to an hourlong program. We captured prerecorded content and stories and created a stage for a live performance that allowed our host to interact with the viewers the night of the event. The fundraiser was more successful than organizers ever imagined, and it was created without the planning and expense of an in-person event. 

Since then, we’ve produced dozens of livestreaming events for our clients, nonprofit partners and charitable organizations. As we do with every visual assignment, each production is unique. We will continue to make it our goal to always make any event — whether it’s in person or livestreamed — special and impactful regardless of the platform.


Company: Image Studios

Innovation: Livestreaming events