Endowment Wealth Management is an independent SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) founded in 2013 with the goal of embracing technology and financial innovation to offer an institutional quality asset allocation framework to wealth management clients throughout the United States. We have enhanced the traditional 2-D (stock and bond) portfolio structure with our unique 3-D (equity, income and risk managed) Endowment Investment Philosophy® (EIP).  We then provide investors the opportunity to expand their diversification to each 3-D allocation by providing them the option to invest at the following three investment types: passive ETF models, active specialty satellite managers and private investments. Finally, we combined our 3-D EIP with high-touch, fee-only fiduciary advice1 and multifamily office styled service for our clients.

Our guiding principles drive us to make family wealth management “faster, better and cheaper.”

Here are our innovative solutions to do just that:

·       Created our firm’s proprietary 3-D Endowment Index® calculated by NASDAQ OMX® (ENDOW) in May 2014. This 3-Dimensional Index provides an objective 3-D benchmark and is an endowment style portfolio. The index is a rules-based benchmark based on the asset allocations of over 700 colleges and universities. This innovative index received national attention when it was recognized by ETF.com as a finalist for Index of the Year.2 

·       Visit www.EndowmentIndex.com for more information.

·       Created a digital platform called MyRoboAdviser.com to offer millennials and DIY investors cost-efficient access to our 3-D Endowment models and democratization of a what previously was an institutional approach. Visit www.MyRoboAdviser.com for more information.

·       Provide our clients and other advisers access to ETF models, which are designed to enhance tax efficiency, lower costs and enhance transparency. Visit www.ETFModelSolutions.com for more information.

·       Offer accredited and qualified clients access to over 50-plus private investments managed by experienced managers.

·       Offer accredited and qualified clients access to a wide variety of proprietary private equity funds such as investments in venture-backed technology companies, fin tech, CBD and more.

·       Provide clients with connectivity to all of their investment accounts through a personalized digital wealth portal along with an online digital vault.

·       Developed a smartphone app that provides mobile access to the client’s digital portal. 

We are headquartered in Appleton, one block east of the airport on College Avenue. We have four other offices and continue to expand our footprint nationally by serving clients in 17 states since our 3-D Endowment Model and related three tiers of passive, active and illiquid investment allocations resonate well across borders and with institutional and retail investors alike. To learn more about Endowment Wealth Management, please visit www.EndowmentWM.com. 

Company: Endowment Wealth Management Inc.

Innovation: 3-D Endowment Investment Philosophy

Website: EndowmentWM.com